Welcome @nlsolutions.nl

Let me introduce myself. My name is Oscar Bothof, Freelance Citrix Consultant in the Netherland. As a consultant, i am often receive questions about how to troubleshoot (performance) problems. In experience, I often find the cause in bad design (if any) and inexperience maintaining the Citrix infrastructure. Citrix products nowadays are more complex than previous XenApp editions and therefor requieres more research, planning, designing, testing. After all... with a healthy Citrix environment less troubleshooting will be needed. So how to achiev your goal... welcome @nlsolutions.nl

Citrix CheckUp

How to investigate bottlenecks in your Citrix Infrastructure

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Planning and Designing

How to plan and design an existing or new Citrix implementation

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Troubleshooting Citrix

How to troubleshoot and prevent Citrix Problems

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